Meditation Instruction, classes and Retreats
In addition to the regular Monday evening meditation group meetings, the Bear River Meditation Group regularly offers classes, public talks on Buddhism and day long retreats. See the dates, below for the classes and retreats planned for 2013. For more information on the regular weekly meetings and updates on the focus of Dharma discussions at those meetings, please go to the schedule.

Meditation Instruction

Meditation instruction is available at our regular Monday evening meditation group meetings. Please contact us for more information if you plan to come.

Monthly Discussion of Basic Buddhist Teachings
The first Monday of each month, the meditation group Dharma discussions will focus on basic teachings of Buddhism. These teachings include: The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, Precepts, Duhkha (suffering exists), Anatta (no separate self), and Annica (all things change). Go to the Weekly Schedule for the current topic.

Full day retreats are planned throughout the year. These retreats are led by senior monks and Teachers of Buddhism from Shasta Abbey as well as monks from other temples within the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. The retreat dates tentatively setup for 2013 are listed below. More information on the focus of individual retreats will be posted as it becomes available.

All retreats and activities of the meditation group are offered free and are open to all who would like to attend. Donations, generally referred to as Dana, are gratefully accepted to support the activites of the meditation group and to help support the monastic community of Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery. Meditation instruction is providedat retreats for those unfamiliar with the practice of Serene Reflection Meditation.

More information about upcoming retreats will be posted closer to the time of the retreat or as details are worked out with the monks of Shasta Abbey.

Half Day Retreat - Saturday, July 26th
9 AM - 12:30 PM
This half day retreat is for those with some experience in our form of Zen Buddhism. We look forward to a visit from Reverend Aiden Hall, a Senior Teacher of Buddhism with the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. He is a monastic disciple of RM Daishin Morgan and trains at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in the north of England. Rev. Aiden has been visiting and training at Shasta Abbey this summer. He accepted our invitation to come down to visit the meditation group before returning to the UK at the end of July. Rev. Aiden will act as celebrant for the retreat, offer a Dharma talk and lead the Dharma discussion. Please bring a vegetarian brown bag lunch if you would like to join us for a meal and outing following the morning retreat.

Full Day Retreat - Sunday, September 7th
9 AM - 4 PM
The full day retreat will be led by Reverend Master Daishin Yalon, Zen Master and Vice Abbot of at Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery. The day will include periods of meditation, a Dharma talk, questions and discussion, tea and coffee. Please bring a brown bag lunch for the mid day meal.

Half Day Retreat - Saturday, November 15th
8:30 AM - 1 PM
Reverend Master Astor Douglas, Master and Chief Cook at Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery will lead the retreat. Plans will be developed and posted here for an informal afternoon meditation group outing or movie together with RM Astor.

Monday, December 15
5:30 - 9 PM
Annual Potluck and Offering Ceremony
Reverend Vivian Gruenenfelder, a Senior Monk from Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery will join us for the potluck dinner and act as Celebrant for the Offering Ceremony. The Ceremony will be followed by a Dharma talk by Rev. Vivian.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings, classes and retreats take place at the Applegate Community Center, 18014 Applegate Road, Applegate, CA.